The Sandwich Generation and family traditions

   When my kids were little, we had a family tradition. Every morning when they awoke (often before we were ready to arise), they would crawl into our bed and we would make a “sandwich”.Depending on where they squeezed in, or whether our family dog had joined us, we took turns being the bread, cheese, ham, turkey, lettuce or whatever else was on the sandwich that day.

   Some days we would be daring and have anchovies or pastrami; other days we had the safe fallback of

peanut butter and jelly. you could always tell what kind of mood they were in by their choices and infer what the day ahead might bring.

   The kids loved this tradition so much that they played it with their grandparents or aunts and uncles when we stayed at their homes. They came to know something about each others likes and dislikes (provolone or cheddar) and sense of humor  (“Sorry, we don’t have that”).  Rye, sourdough or basic white; smoked, honey roasted or southwest flavored turkey- exposed us to a taste for new things and a desire for adventure.

   The days of the sandwich game are long past. The kids are now sleeping in much longer than the parents, and besides it would be way too embarrassing for teenagers to consider crawling into our bed. I look back fondly on those days and think of the lessons we learned: closeness, working together as a whole but each playing an important part, and depending on each other. These are the lifelong values that continue to bind this family together and keep our connection strong from generation to generation.

   Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be playing “sandwich” with my own grandchildren….But for now, I am content to be the core of the sandwich- holding the bread and the toppings together.

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  1. themiddlegeneration
    May 17, 2016 @ 21:42:21

    omg this brings tears to my eyes. deja vu!



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