A Family Introduction

    In July 2010, my daughter returned from a cruise on the Baltic Sea with her grandmother and immediately declared that we had to take a family cruise together next summer (2011). Neither my husband nor I had been on a cruise before and we were not anxious to do so. However, this Baltic Cruise had been taken on the heels of my brother-in-law’s death and at the outset of my father-in-law’s terminal illness. He had originally planned to go to the Baltic, but became too disabled for travel. It was apparent that he would not be around by the following summer.

For these reasons, we decided to move ahead with our plans in the spirit of healing and bringing everyone together. By the time we had our final itinerary, we had 8 people, ranging from 11 years old to 76, on board for the Mediterranean! Our highly unusual combination included my children (Megan and David), my mother (Hillary), my mother-in-law (Susan), my husband (Mike), my sister (Amy) and my niece (Kate- the daughter of my other sister, not Amy’s). The following travel log is a testament to family spirit, the power of love and the lessons we can learn from each other.

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