The Thanksgiving Art Show

Only three days left until Thanksgiving and I am still not ready! Oh, I’ve got the turkey thawing and the menu planned out, my linens are washed and pressed, my guest room is clean- that was the easy part. What is not complete is my project for the Thanksgiving Art Show. As usual, we have all procrastinated until the end. So now I am scrambling to figure out which genre to submit-  photography, music, interior design (does that count?). My husband is working away on something in his workshop and my daughter goes back and forth between the computer and the dining room where she has set her project up. Everyone is trying to keep an element of secrecy until the unveiling at the show.

Our annual show has become the most important part of our holiday ritual. It is an unusual tradition, not just for its theme but also due to its origination. When one thinks of traditions, they tend to come from the older generations and are passed down to the grandchildren. This one, however, was created by the grandchildren and imposed on the grandparents, as well as everyone in between.   

It all started 9 years ago, when my daughter bemoaned the fact that Thanksgiving was so boring. She and her brother were the only children present and had to sit through hours of adults chatting and drinking cocktails. So she decided to change the course of action and create an assignment for everyone. That first year, we were instucted to bring up to two pieces of original art and give a presentation. We would then vote on the entries by category, with awards being given in each. I don’t remember what my first submission was, but the 2 hour experience of appreciating what each person had made was so wonderful that we all promised to do it again the following year.

Each year, our entries have gotten more complex. People have been encouraged to try new mediums- culinary arts, floral arrangements, photo editing, sculpture and fabric design.


The kids have taken the entertainment to a whole other level with their emcee talents, keeping things moving along and making  everyone laugh.

This tradition seems to have influenced us in our daily lives as well. Each one of us has become more creative in ways that we don’t even notice- how we plate our food, arrange our flowers or play our music. In fact, we have incorporated art into our lives so much that I am now faced with the dilemma of choosing which project to submit? I wonder if my blog counts as a genre…

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  1. Carol Lanctot
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 15:31:27

    So much fun, and such a great way to make Thanksgiving a truly family holiday!



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