Little stones create ripples that disturb the calm waters of the pond. The once smooth waters become clouded and, as more stones are thrown in, turn choppy. It takes a long time for the waves to pass and the stillness to return.

That is how I feel my last week has been. With the pre-Thanksgiving preparations to the post-Thanksgiving recovery, it has been a week since my last post. I had been pretty disciplined about setting aside time to write on most days, but once the little stones started falling in my path, the obstacles to writing built up and I could not make my way back to the path until they had been cleared.

I like my routines. I am very organized and, while I can be flexible and adapt to changing situations, I much prefer to know what lies ahead. You would think as a mom of two kids and two dogs, I would know better. Nothing is ever predictable, whether it is a last-minute school assignment for which supplies are needed, or a sudden illness that requires attention. Even the dogs get  into situations that throw stones in my path…like yesterday when they both required bathing after what I intended to be a relaxing walk.

The holiday season is especially loaded with distractions, school events, parties, writing cards, mailing packages and shopping for presents.  All I can do is stay calm and try to chart the smoothest path through the waves of demand that vie for my attention. At least I had a few minutes today to post my thoughts- one of which is this…

While many of us have enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather of this November, it has dreadfully confused the plants in my garden.

I have never before seen either of these flowering at this time of year.          They have come out of dormancy because they think it is Spring.

I couldn’t resist this shot of my Holly and Sedum alongside a sprig of Forsythia.

    It is a beautiful three season bouquet, but I would prefer something more routine for this time of year. Dried grasses and evergreens anyone?

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  1. Carol Lanctot
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 15:37:13

    Although our temperatures have been unseasonably warm also, so far I haven’t seen any indication the plants think it’s spring. I would be quite content to have the current trend continue until after the kids get here for Christmas – driving to the airport will be my job this year, and I dislike driving in snowstorms.



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