Snow Day…almost

Every kid lives for snow days. When the weather forecast calls for snow or ice, certain rituals need to be performed to bring on the snow. Wearing pajamas inside out, making snow angels under your sheets, putting a pair of mittens under your pillow. Even my teenagers follow some of these practices. Hey, you never know- they just might work.

Yesterday afternoon was sunny and in the 30’s. A beautiful time to be out walking,  admiring the green ferns and moss valiantly growing in the middle of January. My husband was so proud to still be harvesting brussels sprouts for dinner!  How a few hours changes everything…

In the middle of the night, the freezing rain hit followed by an inch or so of snow.  It wasn’t enough to close school, but I did get a text alert that school was delayed 2 hours. Not exactly a snow day, but when I went into my kids’ bedrooms with the news, I heard some mumbled cheers from them before they rolled over and went back to sleep.  My neighbor’s elementary school children, however,  didn’t waste any time getting outside in the snow.  I think if it hadn’t been raining, they would have played for an hour. Oh the excitement of snow- especially when it is enough to delay school!


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