Family Jewels: Something New for a Change

While the jewelry I have shown previously is old by family standards, last summer I was given a brand new piece for my collection. My family had taken a Mediterranean cruise during July (you can read more about it under the category Family Cruise 2011). One of the favorite places we stopped was the Greek island of Santorini.

My husband had arranged for a private boat to take us around the island. Santorini is part of an atoll- an exploded volcano. This explained the ragged black cliffs of igneous rock we passed on our excursion.

The captain was wonderful and knew where to find some private hot springs. We loved swimming in the effervescent water, which grew hotter as we approached the mouth of the inlet.

Captain took us to a snorkelling spot where we could approach a 600 ft drop off and peer down into the crater.

Afterwards we ate a delicious lunch he had prepared onboard: falafel, tomato salad, bread with olive oil, spinach, mushrooms and a plate of olives. Everything was fabulous! He dropped us off at the opposite end of the island, near Ia, where his taxi friend took us up top. The views were spectacular- even better than we see in the Jamie Lee Curtis commercials for Greek yogurt.

While we wandered around the numerous art galleries, we spotted a souvenir shop.

My mother had the clairvoyant idea to commemorate the day by purchasing choker necklaces made of lava beads- the same igneous rock we had motored up to in the morning. She bought one for each of us, so we could always remember the special time we shared.

This is the one she gave to me. It is made very simply out of rough pieces of rock. I love the symmetric placement of the blue glass beads and silver rings. It is great to wear with a t-shirt for a little extra pizzazz. Best of all, when I touch the lava beads, I can instantly take myself back to the sulfur hot springs and the tasty luncheon we all shared in Santorini.

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