Getting Ready

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I have spent most of the day packing, doing last minute laundry and putting holds on my mail and newspaper. Now I am cleaning out the refrigerator and watering the plants. So many things to think of when planning a trip. I always get a bit stressed out. My husband knows better than to argue with me when I am in that phase of packing. He just does what I ask him to do; as well as pack up the car and set up the automatic feeders for our fish and guinea pig. He is in charge of the tickets and directions. So, once we climb in the car, half asleep tomorrow morning, I can let go. After that the control I have is gone. It is hard to not be in control, but I have learned how to be a good traveller and go with the flow. By this time tomorrow, I will be able to relax for the next week. I am taking my family to my mom’s house in Tucson. I think it will be a well-deserved break for all. When I get back, I am sure I will have many posts for you, including photos from my hot air balloon ride! [ Hey, it’s on my bucket list. Might as well knock one off when I can.] Have a great week. I’ll be in touch before you know it.




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