Discovering the Joy of Spontaneity

I am a very orderly, well-organized person, who likes to plan things well ahead of time. This probably is related to my desire for control and is also the root of frustration. This was extremely apparent when I was younger, but as I age I seem to be catching on to the flaws of my ways and am allowing myself room to step back a bit.The balloon ride I recently took was a good example.

I put my trust in someone else- letting him be in charge, even though he had very little control over what direction we would travel or where we would end up. Did it really matter what our destination was as long as we had fun getting there? Gradually I am realizing not everything needs to be planned perfectly. In fact, over the weekend I have let myself be completely spontaneous and do what feels right at the moment.

After last week’s snowfall, we had considered the idea of going skiing. Saturday the weather report predicted rain and wind, so my husband and I went out to do errands while the kids slept in. We were just about to pick up ingredients for the dinner we had planned when our son called us, asking if we would take him and a friend skiing. Just then, the sun came out and it looked like it could be a great afternoon. We rushed home and threw our gear in the car, deciding it would be worth cancelling our dinner plans. By the time we arrived at Jiminy Peak, we were able to buy a Twilight Pass- something I hadn’t done since high school.

The beauty of the snow covered mountains against a glowing red sunset, with all the variant colors of twilight, and the illumination of Venus, Jupiter and the waxing gibbous moon was breathtaking as we wound our way down the trails.Moon and Venus at sunset

It was a spectacular sight I would not have seen if I hadn’t been willing to drop everything and ski- spontaneously! If I had made plans to get up early for a ski trip, we would have been on our way home by sunset. I wish I had brought my camera to capture the picture of the giant wind turbine slowly turning against this brilliant backdrop;

English: Wind Turbine Sunset. View of wind tur...

Image via Wikipedia

but the image in my mind will serve as a reminder to grab opportunities whenever I can. Carpe diem , or as in this case, carpe noctem!

  (If you want to see more pictures, check out the second link below)


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