Beach photos

I just returned from a relaxing week at the beach. The smell of the salt air and the sound of the waves was so soothing. Swimming in the warm (if you call 70 warm at that time of year) water and body surfing the waves was invigorating. Walking the beach, feeling the sand between my toes and being lulled by the rhythm of the surf was the best way to unwind. The weather was cooperative and the whole family had a wonderful time. Now I am back home, catching up on chores but trying to remember it is summer vacation. Let me just post some of these pictures and take myself back to the beach. I hope you can go there too.

The thrill of the surf and salt water

Pretending I’m a kid again

Sunset over the salt marshes

Feel the power of the ocean!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carol
    Jul 02, 2012 @ 13:43:42

    Looks like heaven! This will probably be the closest I will get to ocean this year, so I thank you, heartily and with joy, for sharing!



  2. jennsmidlifecrisis
    Jul 02, 2012 @ 23:01:36

    That looks wonderful. I’m glad you had a good time!



  3. Looking Out The Window
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 09:19:28

    Looks like you had a great time. Makes me remember summers in the Midwest spent at the cabin on the lake.



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