Living Vicariously

There are times when living vicariously through others is a good experience (i.e.enjoying photos of a friend’s cruise on her blog). Then there are times when it is a nightmare.
Case in point: my husband texted me a few hours ago asking for our AAA membership account. He and my daughter had been away overnight for an admitted students day at one of the colleges she is courting (another post).I was expecting them home right around the time he texted.
I suppose it was better they were able to contact me and explain why they were delayed instead of me worrying why they were late- so thanks for cell phones.  Fortunately,  it was nothing serious- just a case of negligence, stupidity and inattentiveness. Apparently, they were so involved in discussion that they never noticed the fuel gauge warning come on and indicate they were low in gas. Even though we have a hybrid engine, the backup electric battery did not suffice to get them to the nearest gas station. When they called me, they were stuck on the side of the NYS Thruway.
I gave them the AAA info they needed and then, realizing I could do nothing else, went to soak in the hot tub which I had prepared for their arrival.
Try as I might,  it was hard to relax and enjoy the experience. I kept thinking about them stuck on the side of the road, unable to get home, and how this negative experience might affect my daughter’s reflection on the college.  Even though I was not in the car and was safely at home, soaking in my hot tub, I could not let go of the stress they must be experiencing.
Thankfully it is nothing serious.  AAA should be arriving soon with a few gallons to put in the tank and send them on their way home. I guess if I had to put a value on things,  my daughter has learned a lesson about monitoring her gas tank and not letting the same thing happen when she is on her own.  Furthermore,  I am thankful that I will not be the object of ridicule on this matter for many years to come.