How to Survive a Kitchen Makeover: Tip #2

As bad as the kitchen looks and as noisy as it gets with drilling, sawing and hammering, everything is easier to handle after my cup of coffee. Therefore,  Tip # 2:

Tip #2: Coffee station

The very first thing to do once you are ready to live in the house during a kitchen makeover, is to set up a coffee station. My apologies to tea drinkers, but the same policy still applies. After returning home from vacation and seeing my gutted kitchen, I displaced a lamp and reclaimed the outlet, installing my coffee machine.


I stocked up on thermal disposable cups and a few gallons of water. Then I set my alarm for 15 minutes prior to the arrival of the electricians and made my cup of coffee. By the time they arrived at 7:30, I was ready to greet them with a smile.

In addition to installing the new lighting, they were also responsible for fixing the “problem” I mentioned in yesterday’s post. We had a structural beam that was improperly secured. In fact, it was not bolted together and was significantly sagging. It required jacking up the beam and adding an extra support- apparently a $1000 fix.


Not bolted, sagging

Not bolted, sagging


No worries, I may not be able to use my kitchen for a while; but at least I have my coffee.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carol
    Jul 09, 2014 @ 22:45:22

    That’s the important part, that Morning coffee!



  2. Looking Out The Window
    Jul 10, 2014 @ 22:45:28

    Oh the trials of redoing a kitchen. In the midst of it there are always unpleasant and usually expensive surprises, but like childbirth when it is done we forget all we went through to get there. As a morning tea drinker I can imagine everything is better with the first cup of Java before it begins each day. Hope it is over soon.



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