A Peaceful Respite from Politics


As Election Day grows closer and the negative attacks get uglier, it is time to take a brief respite from my tv and internet.

My husband and I recently purchased 2 13 ft kayaks and have been enjoying paddling on some local ponds and streams.

It seemed like a perfect time for a mini getaway- especially during this high peak foliage season.


We found a quiet creek to explore where we could smoothly glide along, watching ducks, herons and the occasional turtle.


The beautiful blue sky was a perfect contrast to the colorful leaves; and the sounds of the cicadas and woodpeckers

reminded us that there are better things to listen to than political ads.




7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. suzicate
    Nov 01, 2016 @ 20:31:59

    Beautiful and serene. Thanks for the respite from politics! Didn’t get out in our canoe this year, so I really enjoyed this.



  2. themiddlegeneration
    Nov 01, 2016 @ 20:38:22

    I know from your posts that you appreciate the peaceful beauty of Nature. I hope you have opportunity to get out for a relaxing walk this coming week. In fact, I wish this whole country would take some time to chill.



  3. Carol
    Nov 01, 2016 @ 22:33:10

    So much better than politics! Yes, I agree, we all need to chill.

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  4. Jim Hall
    Nov 02, 2016 @ 07:58:29




  5. leendadll
    Nov 11, 2016 @ 18:54:04

    what area (country/state/region/planet) do you live? I’d LOVE to be kayaking right now. The weather is still hovering around 80 her (SoCal) so I should really consider going out on the water this weekend!



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