How to Survive a Kitchen Makeover: Tip # 8

Tip #8: Use multiple websites and save one search engine for emergency

Yeah! My countertops were installed today on schedule and I think they are even better than anticipated.





My backsplash tile should be a perfect match, but I realize I need to make my kitchen pop with accents.  I already knew I wanted counter height stools at the island, but had not decided what they would be. Now I have the counter tops in place and I am thinking red is a great color to tie everything together (dining room, family room, laundry room). Plus, red is an appetite stimulator- so perfect for the kitchen. I have been gathering accessories I already own to test my decision. I already have several red accents which I laid out as a test run, but this was an excuse to buy more.

IMG_9103 IMG_9104 IMG_9105  accents1 accents2

I went online to look at counter height  stools and really liked a pair I saw in red. They had awesome reviews and were a very reasonable price, but I wanted to run it by my husband before I jumped into such a bold move. By the time we looked at the website the price had escalated from the bargain $229/pair to $279/pair. I need 2 pairs so that was an extra $100.

Hence my tip: save one search engine for emergency.   I do most of my research on Internet Explorer, but once I discovered I was shut out of my bargain price I resorted to Mozilla Firefox and conducted a “brand new” search. Even though I knew exactly what I was looking for, I was ahead of the “game” and managed to come up with the same initial bargain. I nailed down the offer and made my purchase. These are the stools that should be arriving at my house next week.


In the meantime, I actually had the opportunity to cook dinner in my kitchen! I used some of the fresh vegetables and herbs in my garden that are feeling very neglected: eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, oregano, basil. It was a delicious dinner and it was totally prepared, cooked and served indoors! (Ratatouille with pasta- yummy!)

First dinner prepped, cooked and served in my new kitchen!

First dinner prepped, cooked and served in my new kitchen!



How to Survive a Kitchen Makeover: Tip # 7


Tip #7: Have patience and remember Tip # 6!

It has been a week since my last progress report and tip. Obviously the pace of things has slowed down and many of the improvements are internal, as in not obvious to the eye.

My husband wrapped up his contribution by putting in the vent and then covering it up so that my son can reclaim his closet space.

vent to outdoors (pre- boxed in)

The overhead lights were all wired and the gas stove, refrigerator and microwave are all on the circuit.

nice and bright




The granite fabricators came and laid out the template. My granite was delivered and I went to view it and place the template.


Andromeda granite

Andromeda granite

Corner template placement

They also gave me a chunk to carry around to compare to backsplash tiles. Husband and I have been to 4 different stores trying to find the right color.

which one do you think looks best?

which one do you think looks best?

I have been testing paint colors out, trying to merge my kitchen into the dining room, family room and hallway.


The walls are being taped and spackled and should be ready to paint in a few days. The granite countertops are scheduled to be installed Tuesday. Then the plumbing needs to be fitted.

We did choose a tile and it should be here in 10 days. After which the backsplash can be installed and the hood should be the final step.

winning combo!

winning combo!

This kitchen makeover officially started June 30. Today is July 25. Obviously we had some setbacks and because we did not order our backsplash in advance we seem to be on track with the timeline I anticipated. My tip is to just keep my patience and continue to appreciate progress. There seems to be something new every day, even if it seems small. Remember, at least I have my coffeemaker and a working refrigerator…