Enjoying the Fruits of Our Labor

  You may be asking, “When did asparagus become a fruit?”. Maybe I should have used the word vegetables or flowers in my title, but that wouldn’t have been as catchy. When I saw this fresh crop of asparagus ready to harvest for dinner, I was so excited I ran to get my camera.  My husband and I both enjoy working in our garden. Planting and tending our flowers and vegetables (raspberries are the only fruits of our labor) and then harvesting what we have grown gives us great pleasure.

I have posted photos of my flowers before so most of you know how much I love cutting that first bouquet of the season, no longer relying on the supermarket for my indulgence. Creating my own unique arrangement of bulbs and flowering shrubs is my favorite weekly activity.

The bright bursts of color and the sunny days warm my heart.

Yet as much as I love my flowers, they are not nearly as satisfying as eating our homegrown produce for dinner.  My crop of mint is now thriving so I will be clipping some sprigs to throw into my iced tea.

When I make baked potatoes for dinner, we can chop some chives to throw over them.

It won’t be long before the lettuce mix and the baby spinach is ready to pick and I will become overwhelmed with fresh salad for lunch.

But none of these developments is as exciting as cutting that first batch of asparagus. Last night I was able to harvest 8 stalks! I delicately sauted them with some olive oil , throwing the tips in with a pat of butter at the last second. The portion size was way too small per person- we each could have eaten the whole plate. It was wonderful to see how much the kids appreciated the fact that we had grown this, even though they knew that by next week they will be sick of asparagus. Until then, I am going to enjoy every savory bite.