The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Winter Solstice is on Thursday. The signs of the season are here; well, except for the snow. I was out walking in the cold, reflecting on how different everything looks without the beautiful and protective covering of the deciduous foliage. The trees are bare. Their long spiky branches and limbs reach up to the sky, creating a diffused pattern to the sunlight that penetrates the now wide-open canopy. The underbrush are bare as well and the grasses and ferns have shrivelled and dried. It is possible to see things that were previously camouflaged by the plants. Some are hidden gems that only now are revealed, like the elusive birds’ nests. But others reveal the damage done by some of the violent storms this summer. And then there are the grotesque reminders of how wasteful and callous humans can be, casually tossing trash into the woods. I brought my camera along to point out the good, the bad and the ugly.

First the Good.   The cold weather has caused ice crystals to form, creating a more protective covering of the low lying wetlands where the Spring Peepers’ eggs lie dormant until April.

I figured out where the Blue Jays and Crows were hiding out all summer.

Now the Bad.

This closer examination of the woods, allowed me to see how much damage had been done by recent stormy weather.

Broken limbs from Tropical Storm Irene

And finally, The Ugly. 

Marlboros, Anyone?

Need a spare tire?