When FYI is TMI

I love to browse the web. I often find very useful information on the health benefits of coffee, the latest outbreak of Mad Cow Disease, or a new recipe for ground beef. Sometimes I’ll click on a story to keep up to date on the latest fashion trends or political gaffes. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in the dark on such hot topics and browsing the web is how I stay informed. There are times when all of this free information can have negative consequences, though.

Yesterday while browsing on Yahoo,  I saw an article that caught my eye. It asked how often I washed my bedding and, apparently, I do not do it often enough. Fortunately for you readers, I could not find the link so you do not need to be guilted into changing your habits. However, when I read about the dust mites, pet dander and- heaven forbid- bed bugs that could inhabit our beds I decided I was due for an overhaul.

I immediately stripped down my bed- from the mattress pad to the shams- and began the long process of washing every item. Actually, it wasn’t the washing that took the time since I just threw it in the machine on the hottest cycle with bleach and fabric softener. The big hassle was getting the mattress pad and comforter dry. I had to keep pulling them out of the dryer, untwisting them and restarting the cycle. Each one must have taken 2+ hours total time to dry completely. Once I got through my bedding I moved on to my daughter’s bed. While her bed is smaller, she has two comforters and 4 shams so it was still a lot of work.

Then I had to take everything back upstairs and reassemble the layers, one at a time. I have to say,  both beds looked beautiful and smelled so clean and fresh.


Falling asleep in newly washed sheets with a hint of lavender fragrance was my reward. I usually wash the sheets every 3 weeks, but knowing the mattress pad was mite free and the comforter was stain free made me feel my efforts were worth it.  

Still, I can’t see myself doing this every time. I have better things to do than make sure my bedding is perfectly clean. It was an all day affair, and it continues today with the other two beds in my house.

Maybe I can bring myself to tackle this chore once a season. Then again, I could change my mind when a few days from now any lingering benefits of clean bedding will have expired. Is it really worth the effort? And is it worth feeling guilty about? In the future I will try to avoid clicking on stories that might make me feel like I am neglecting to do something- especially if it is something I dislike.

Besides I have more pressing things to look up, like how to get rid of these pesky spring ants…