Kitchen Makeover: A Happy Conclusion

This update is long overdue and I apologize for the delay. The kitchen is 99% done. I am waiting for a few very minor details to be wrapped up, but I have unpacked my boxes, reorganized my dishes, pots, utensils and food pantry. I managed to accomplish all of this in time to throw a Labor Day weekend party and celebrate my beautiful kitchen- which took the entire summer to complete. All of my friends raved about it and we went all out on the food and drinks. It was a grand time and a great way to initiate the new kitchen.

Since then, I have been cooking regularly and I love it! A seat at the counter on one of those comfy red stools has become my favorite spot in the house. The NXR range is fabulous and having the extra burners makes cooking dinner much easier. The layout works really well, especially when another person is cooking at the same time; and that is exactly why we undertook this project so I am happy to report that my expectations have all been met. Sure we had some frustrations along the way, but as I look ahead to how much use we will get out of our kitchen it has all been worth it.

The island feels so inviting!


And the new floor plan seems so much bigger!




We found the perfect place for everything at our party.

Even the lighting gave the right ambience...

Even the lighting gave the right ambience…



The day after the party, we took advantage of the Labor Day sales and husband bought the Kitchenaid standing mixer he has wanted for years but never had a place for. Now in its candy red color, it deserves prime real estate on the granite countertop, don’t you agree? We are all looking forward to many more delicious meals and gatherings with family and friends.

How to Survive a Kitchen Makeover: Tip #9

My contractor came in today and laid out the final timeline for the project. I should be done on August 25th- 9 weeks from the start date. So it has taken longer than planned, but at least the kitchen is usable. To prove my point, tip # 9 is: Act like things are normal and take on a cooking project.

Whether the project is cooking a fancy dinner, using real dishes instead of paper plates, or the strenuous but necessary endeavor I undertook, it will make you feel good about your makeover so far and help you realize it is worth the extra wait to get it done.

My project was to use the abundant zucchini in my garden and make zucchini relish. That involved a complex process using my Cuisinart food processor, a dutch oven, my canning tools, ball jars and other supplies buried in my boxes.

I uprooted everything I needed and got started. The procedure flowed smoothly and I had plenty of space to work. The 6 burner NXR gave me plenty of room to set up my stations for cooking, sanitizing, loading and steaming.


Plus it was nice to have the granite countertops so I didn’t have to double layer the counters for boiling hot jars.


I did start small scale because I really didn’t want to make a huge production until I tested everything out, but I ended up with 4 jars of zucchini relish (one for the fridge, 3 for long term). My grandmothers would be proud of the tradition; but, I used a recipe I traded with my pediatrician years ago when we discovered a common love for gardening- so I think I have all my bases covered.