First Snow

There is nothing like the excitement of the first snow, even though it signals the beginning of winter. It creates a beautiful blanket of white which prompts me to run around with my camera and capture the solitude of the moment.

It had rained most of the day, but the temperatures continued to drop and by late afternoon the precipitation had switched to snow. The flakes grew large and heavy, sticking to the grass and bushes. Once an inch had accumulated, my son dug out his snow boots and heavy gloves, determined to build the first snowman of the season. He raced out in his shorts and t-shirt to make the first snow angel and then got rolling snowballs. The snow packed nicely although he had to cover a lot of ground to gather enough snow. He set up in the front yard, where the commuters could wave to him as they returned home and give him credit for the first snowman of the season. Once he achieved the shape he wanted, he came back in to get supplies for the face. Chestnuts became the eyes and nose while apple slices formed the mouth. By the time he was done, he needed to warm up by the fire. I offered to make him some hot chocolate.

After it got dark, the whole family put on bathing suits and went in the hot tub. We had so much fun catching snowflakes on our tongues or tossing a snowball around, occasionally dropping it in the hot water where it melted before we could save it.

This morning I went out to admire the way the layer of snow glistened in the bright sunlight and observe which of my plants had succumbed to the change of season.



Something about they way they lay there, buried under the lush blanket, looked very serene. I think that is why the first snow is so special. It creates a sense of peacefulness and gives us permission to stop what we are doing and enjoy the moment. It only comes once a year.