Left hanging by Exercise TV

Before the holidays arrived, I had established a disciplined routine for myself. As soon as my kids left for school, I turned on my Exercise TV yoga workout. I would spend 25 minutes clearing my mind in downward dog or warrior II. Then I would take a steamy shower and by the time I came back downstairs I was ready to start my blog. After Thanksgiving, the chaos of the holidays season came crashing into my routine and threw it off balance. When January rolled in I hoped to return to the calmness of knowing what I was doing every day.

During the first week the kids were back in school, I searched my tv guide frantically. What had happened to my Exercise TV? I finally googled the topic and found out that the channel had shut down at the end of 2011. There were no suitable replacements available on cable (at least not for free). I don’t need to listen to discussions about diet and nutrition or hear stories about successful weight loss. I need someone to talk me through my workout. Whether I need encouragment to hold the pose just a little longer or to push my heart rate a little higher, having a trainer tell me what to do has a better rate of success than doing it on my own.

The other problem is that now I have to find another way to clear my head and free my thoughts. Those inverted poses really got the juices flowing. You’d think by now I could create my own routine, but at 8am I don’t have much willpower and a cup or two of coffee seems so much easier. Caffeine is not as effective as exercise though. Maybe I will have to resort to buying a dvd and popping it in every morning.

For now I’ll have to rely on my dogs to get me moving. Maybe a good jolt of cold air will be a refreshing start to my morning…